Blacklight Hair Dye

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Blacklight Hair Dye

Blacklight Hair Dye

Shine bright in the darkest of nights night by giving yourself a makeover with this Blacklight Hair Dye. This peroxide and ammonia-free vegan friendly dye comes in a range of vibrant colors.


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Fiber Optic Hoodie

Light up the night by wearing this sweet fiber optic hoodie. This unique and fashionable LED hoodie is made with more than half a mile of fiber optic thread that is designed to make the hoodie glow bright in either red, green, blue, or purple.


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Assassins Creed Hidden Blade

Take out your targets with a deadly precision with the Assassins Creed hidden blade gauntlet. Styled in the likeness of the iconic weapon seen in the Assassin’s Creed series. But don't worry, sadly this is just a replica and a real blade ...


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Shark Sleeping Bag

Ensure your little monster stays warm when the temperature drops by feeding him to the sharks. Creates the illusion that your baby is being eaten alive and features a 100% breathable cotton exterior for maximum comfort.


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Cthulhu Bandana Face Covering

Lose those plain disposable masks and protect yourself with this Cthulhu Bandana Face Covering .This eye-popping face bandana is hand-printed and is sure to turn some heads when you're out getting groceries.


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Never Forget Geeky Shirt

We should never forget the icon floppy disk, VCR, and casset tape. They will never be forgotten for as long as you have this shirt!


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Fortnite Do Not Disturb Socks

Keep people away when your playing the best game in the world (if you're 10) with these Fortnite Do Not Disturb Socks. Can easily keep your girlfriend, dogs, cat, and in this case, parents away while you're playing.


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Star Wars Chewbacca Robe

Our Star Wars Chewbacca Robe measures 47-inches long from shoulder to bottom, features a belt and pockets. Perfect for any true Chewbacca fan or Star Wars geek


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Captain American Oven Mitts

Pull food out of the oven in like the Capt would with these Captain America Oven Mitts. Probably the most geeky and American thing we've ever seen!


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I'm Thinking T-Shirt

A perfect shirt that anyone every geek should be able to understand. Wear this to the next party or event and you'll be sure to get a ton of laughs.


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