Rheoscopic Fluid Planet


Rheoscopic Fluid Planet

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  • Rheoscopic fluid literally means "currently showing" fluid.
  • TPU shell : Strong and able to be bounced.
  • Easy to shake Epitome of marvelous nebula.
  • Whether you are rotating or bouncing the ball, you can create a different kind of dazzling scenery!
  • Measurements : 9.5cm diameter (6 Colors)

Relax after a rough work day with this Rheoscopic Fluid Planet. Each small planet is filled with unique liquids that create a mesmerizing effects when the ball is shaken or bounced. Perfect gift for children with autism or people who just need to relax.

  • 41NitJsJeTL - Rheoscopic Fluid Planet
  • 411Kg1vvq9L - Rheoscopic Fluid Planet
  • 419VF2YW4XL - Rheoscopic Fluid Planet

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