We understand that Nerf Wars is a serious thing! That’s why we out together a list of the best Nerf guns for Nerf wars! We cant guarantee you you’ll win the battle, but we can guarantee you’ll have the best Nerf weapons by far!


#1. Nerf Nuke CHECK IT OUT


Destroy your enemies with the Nerf nuclear bomb launcher. One the nuke is fired in the enemy territory, the nukes head deploys 8 Nerf darts in all directions. Ensuring numerous kills. It’s the intimate Nerf weapon to end all Nerf Wars and makes the top of our best Nerf guns for Nerf wars list


#2 Nerf Sniper Rifle CHECK IT OUT

NERF Sniper Rifle

The Nerf Sniper Rifle is a highly accurate rifle that will leave you feeling satisfied with all your precision kills. This sniper also makes for the perfect gift for office warfare This gun is one of the top best Nerf guns around without a doubt!



#3 Nerf Machine Gun CHECK IT OUT

Nerf Machine Gun

Just looking at the beautiful Nerf Machine Gun will have all of your enemies shaking in their boots. This massive gun features its very own stand for maximum stability and has automatic shooting capabilities for enhanced carnage.


#4 70 MPH Nerf Gun CHECK IT OUT


Hit your enemies hard and fast with this 70 MPH Nerf Gun. Viewed as the crown jewel of all Nerf Guns, it holds 12 Nerf Balls per magazine, features flip up sights, and has a trigger lock for additional safety. This Nerf Gun is not to be taken lightly!


#5 Nerf Retaliator HK416 CHECK IT OUT

NERF Retaliator HK416

Strike fear into the heard of your enemies when you walk onto the battlefield armed with the powerful Nerf Retaliator HK416. This beautiful gun comes with a metal like alloy suppressor, a 15 slip banana magazine and a tactical black paint job.


#6 Modular Nerf Gun CHECK IT OUT

Modular NERF Gun

Become the intimate playground warrior by building the weapons you’ve always dreamed of with Modular Nerf Gun! The motorized Nerf Modular flexible base lets you choose from 30 different gun attachments. Make it have extra mags, 3 scopes, or a chainsaw and a blast shield!


#7 Nerf Mega Mastodon Blaster CHECK IT OUT

NERF Mega Mastodon Blaster

Obliterate the opposition  arming yourself to the teeth with the Mega Mastodon Blaster. This motorized battery powered blaster comes with a huge 24 dart drum that rotates as it rapidly fires up to 100 feet away. You’ll be a valuable asset in your next Nerf war.


#8 Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K Blaster CHECK IT OUT

NERF Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K Blaster

Make it rain on your enemy by dousing them with an endless barrage using the NERF Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K blaster. This fully motorized Nerf gun features fast-firing action and comes with an easy-loading hopper that holds up to 100 rounds.


#9 Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike BlasterCHECK IT OUT

NERF Modulus Tri-Strike Blaster

Eliminate your opponents during your next Nerf war by arming yourself with the NERF modulus tri-strike blaster. This imposing looking blaster is made to fire three different types of ammunition including massive mega darts using a built-in missile launcher system. This may come at the bottom of our best Nerf guns for Nerf wars list, but this Nerf gun is still an elite weapon!

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